The Digital Fabrication Showcase 2021 exhibition will display the work that has been produced in and with Aalto Fablab during the past years. It is going to take place in the main lobby of Väre, which is the new home for all the departments of the School of Arts, Design, and Architecture.

A lot has been going on at the Aalto Fablab during the past years. Students have been using the space to complete their coursework and thesis projects. Researchers tapped into the possibilities of rapid prototyping to fine-tune their experimental practice. COVID-19 posed new challenges, and collaborations between different stakeholders have been taking place to tackle them. Aalto Fablab has been a ground for practical use of digital fabrication technology. It is time to showcase the outcomes of the different creative processes that have been taking place there.

A fraction of the works in the exhibition are Fab Academy final projects or have been created using skills obtained during the course. An academic overlay for the Fab Academy has been established, giving Aalto University students an option to pursue the global digital fabrication course as part of their studies. You can find more information on the Fab Academy official website.

You can join the Fab Academy academic overlay by entering the following Aalto University courses.

If you are not a part of the Aalto University, you can join the official Fab Academy. Follow link to registration below and do not forget to choose Aalto Fablab as your node.

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Photo of Anssi Alhopuro by Anssi Alhopuro
Photo © Anssi Alhopuro

Anssi Alhopuro


Anssi Alhopuro is an audiovisual artist and multi-instrumentalist, who has previously worked as a producer, audio engineer and VJ.

While Anssi has always been interested in inventing and building things, learning digital fabrication has provided him with the missing link between his love for digital media and creating things in the physical world.

Photo of Dinan Yan by Dinan Yan
Photo © Dinan Yan

Dinan Yan


My name is Dinan Yan. I am a 2nd year master student in New Media Design and Production at Aalto University, with a background in finance.

I graduated from the UCLA with a bachelor’s degree in business economics in 2016. I changed my track due to the growing interest in creative coding and interactive art. Recently, I have been learning digital fabrication and web development.

Photo of Dorota Orlof by Dorota Orlof
Photo © Dorota Orlof

Dorota Orlof


My name is Dorota Orlof aka dorka strong and I am a Visual Storyteller, who knows how to build stuff and create good stories. I am focusing on creation of clear, appealing and meaningful visual communicates and experiences. I work between art, design, and education with a main focus on graphic design.

Because of my big interest in geopolitics and information design I am happy to work with infographics and visual journalism, in spectrum from traditional to experimental approach. On the other hand, I see a big importance in creative education, thus I am always very excited to work on designing workshops, including custom materials. For the commissions I work with projects aligned with my values.

Photo of Jasmine Xie by Jasmine Xie
Photo © Jasmine Xie

Jasmine Xie


Jasmine is a Helsinki-based artist who enjoys sparking joy by combining elements of her personal interests and distinctive aesthetics with creatively employed technology, primarily in the form of interactive installations, animated costumes, and enhanced wearables.

She is currently completing her Master’s degree at Aalto University.

Photo of Krisjanis Rijnieks by Dorota Orlof
Photo © Dorota Orlof

Krisjanis Rijnieks


Curator of the exhibition. Currently employed at the Aalto Fablab as a lab technician and Fab Academy instructor. He holds an MA from the Aalto Media Lab and has background in digital fabrication, creative coding and projection mapping.

His work explores the relationship between acquired synesthesia and multimedia experiences. With influences as diverse as Richard Stallman and Zachary Lieberman, new variations are synthesised from both orderly and random discourse.

Photo of Leda Vaneva by Leda Vaneva
Photo © Leda Vaneva

Leda Vaneva


Leda Vaneva explores the processes of construction in the observable world, human perceptions and their limitations. In her work she aims at discovering alternative ways of experiencing, at visualising the invisible. Her pieces revolve around themes like materiality, agency /control, the connection of the digital and physical realm.

Leda holds MA degrees in New Media (Aalto University) and Photography (National Academy of Art, Sofia, BG). Currently she lives and works in Helsinki.

Photo of Maria Punkkinen by Noora Karjalainen
Photo © Noora Karjalainen

Maria Punkkinen


Maria Punkkinen is a ceramic artist based in Helsinki. She is currently finalizing her master studies in Contemporary Design in Aalto University.

Her works are inspired by dark labyrinths of human minds, shadows and light and the perfection of imperfection. She is interested in touch and its meanings. She creates lively surfaces, unique sculptures and objects for everyday use.

Photo of Nicolina Stylianou by n/a
Photo © n/a

Nicolina Stylianou


I am an artist who designs and fabricates body-sculptures that produce sounds, turns objects into vital things by re-situating the mythical within contemporary settings, and performs with them live. The body-sculptures, is an artistic hybrid of multiple disciplines including: autobiography, philosophy, mythology, and history.

My conceptual thought negotiates the state where objects are not yet identified, and how objects breed perception.

Photo of Ranjit Menon by Leda Vaneva
Photo © Leda Vaneva

Ranjit Menon


I am a freelance designer who graduated from Sound in New Media MA programme at the Aalto Media Lab. With the help of Fab Academy, I was able to take abstract experimental ideas into hi-fidelity prototyping through intense digital fabrication.

The prototype I made combines my interest in public domain heritage and ancient archives transforming re-mediating themselves into new electronic interactive forms.

Photo of Ruo-Xuan Wu by Ruo-Xuan Wu
Photo © Ruo-Xuan Wu

Ruo-Xuan Wu


Russian Wu (Ruo-Xuan) is a master’s student based at Bauhaus and Aalto University. His project majors in Digital Fabrication, Interactive Design, and Media Architecture fields. He is the winner of the Media Architecture Biennale 2020 Student Award with the project, Social Painting, which tries to prevent discrimination by interactive projection.

Now he is dedicated to realizing haptic sense to deliver the hug digitally.

Photo of Salvador Hernandez Gazga by Salvador Hernandez Gazga
Photo © Salvador Hernandez Gazga

Salvador Hernandez Gazga


Mexican designer exploring diverse cultures around the globe through the lens of architecture. I am interested in understanding the sociological aspects of the built environment and how these affect the human experience. I believe in the power of data manipulation to better understand complex contexts and develop robust concepts & scenarios.

In my working process I rely heavily on physical and digital models, which I consider the ultimate tools to communicate spatial ideas.

Photo of Solomon Embafrash by Aalto Studios
Photo © Aalto Studios

Solomon Embafrash


I am 38 years old industrial engineer from Helsinki. I have been involved in the fab lab ecosystem for 6 years as workshop master in Aalto University and two years setting up innovation labs in the 7 Emirates of the UAE.

For my Fab Academy final project, I built a low cost 3-axis CNC machine. Designed, fabricated the mechanics & electronics in-house using the resources in our fab lab. The Changeable delivery mechanism and payload makes it easily convertible into other useful machines for a fab lab.

Photo of Wan-Ting Hsieh by Wan-Ting Hsieh
Photo © Wan-Ting Hsieh

Wan-Ting Hsieh


Hi, I’m Wan-Ting Hsieh, a third-year New Media master’s student from Taiwan. Before studying in college, I’d always been interested in drawing and done lots of paintings with a wide range of materials since elementary school.

After learning how to create artworks with the latest technology involved during my bachelor’s degree, I started to enjoy doing installations that require calculation and aesthetic design, which is why I joined Fab Academy to explore more machine-based fabrication methods.